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In order to be able to create and share values, as well as help others, I first needed establish and work on the growth of my own values.

Ing. Václav Peterka, MBA

Ing. Václav Peterka, MBA

My Values and Principles are a result of a continuous confirmation:

Common sense
In financial matters to not abandon solid merchant numbers
Adopt permanent desire for further education and creativity
To continually develop empathy in order deeply understand people and my environment

It is necessary to remain on guard and not be fooled by seeming simplicity. Our current digital age is built "1" and "0" and the equation E = mc² is also very innocent.

Consulting – marketing, growth of sales, internal resources development, etc.

  • Marketing, brand building, sales management
  • Sales development and growth, new business opportunities, new sales channels
  • Basic company finance balance
  • Human resources development, company culture, teambuilding,
  • Mediation activities
  • Special operations

In content creation I am using my personal work experience. I was in all roles mentioned above.


  1. Effective and efficient sales representative
  2. Sales manager – team building, sales representatives’ management, distributor net building and management, priorities and sales figures
  3. Corporate executive, Sales and marketing department – roles, position, authority and respect

Difference is in the approach. I combine positive working environment, motivation building, team spirit with focus on results. Many of the products on markets seem to me too unnatural and technocratic and inhuman in a way. They miss realness and personal engagement. My advantage is that I was a subject of all of these trainings.

I see to principle approaches in management:

Directive "hard" approach does not add to a good working environment and motivation – force is only result of lack of arguments. "Soft" approach, on the other hand, motivates people – they are able to identify themselves in the group, work itself becomes a value and stabilizes the team as result. This path of motivation, setting an example, and positive approach is nevertheless more complicated and demanding way of management.

Empathy and Teambuilding

While previous blocs are focused more or less on individuals, this part is used for growth of team efficiency.
The keywords are: company culture, „team chemistry", working environment.

Empathy is the corner stone of efficiency, and a well functioning team

If we want to create an efficient work team, we need to provide a work environment that would support creation a team chemistry which multiplies the performance of individual. The art of navigation in the fine web of human relations is strengthened by the ability to maintain everyday dialog and successfully communicate with the other side. Positive work environment is a key to good performance of every successful team. The keys are individual competency, proficiency and empathy. This is how you create a company culture, that the employees, customers, and partners can identify with, and hence you active the inner resources.

Afternoon with Empathy
  • Empathy – presentation, dialog
  • Empathy – training
  • Empathy – team chemistry

I am certain that there is more than one path to success.

The success itself can take many shapes and forms, but it is always derived from our individual values and worldview.

Succes have more faces

My path is a success that is not only enriching to me, but also inspiring for my surrounding. Speech is important, but when it has no meaning and when it is not followed by action, it goes in vain. The word "real" plays a huge role in my work. Sharing of values is fulfilling and I feel competent to share.

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Ing. Václav Peterka, MBA

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